Meet our 2021-2022 Leaders

District Leaderships are all volunteer opportunities to get hands on leadership training and practice.  Some positions are voted for by the district toastmaster members, and others are appointed by a District Leader.  It is an honor to serve and lead our District.


Scott Brown, DTM

Why Toastmasters?

When I first walked into the Altamonte Articulators in May 2012, I had no idea what to expect. In the past 9+ years, Toastmasters has helped me find my voice by giving me a platform to help others find their voice. I never expected to find a tribe, or build a family, let alone learn to love speaking from a stage, but that’s exactly what I found.

What are your hobbies and passions?

My wife and I still play coed softball a couple of days a week in the summer. We also love going to TinCaps games. While I don’t seem to fit the profile, I also love to run. Having completed close to a dozen half marathons, and one full marathon, I am currently training to get back into half shape.

I don’t believe Toastmasters was ever intended to be a solo pursuit. It is always best when experienced as a community. My goal for both myself and for the district, this year is to build deeper relationships and enhance our community. I have learned this year how the distance between members can impact not just the health of clubs, but more importantly, the health of individuals.

Program Quality Director

Club Growth Director

Mark Mandel, DTM

Why Toastmasters?

I joined toastmasters in 2001 while having seen how this program has benefited myself and others. I am “living the dream” through my club Vineyard Toastmasters and District 11.  I’m learning and watching others grow.

English born and living in Indianapolis with my long suffering wife Mindy and two college bound children (Alex and Heather). I am a safety leader by day in addition to my toastmaster addiction.

My goal for this year is to have fun and learn along the way.

Mark Walton, DTM

Why Toastmasters?

I joined Toastmasters Pioneer 17 Club in 2013 . I’ve served in most club officer roles, and twice as a Division Director. I am currently a member of four clubs – Pioneer 17 TMC, Seymour TMC, Vineyard TMC and Global Online Advanced TMC.

Public Relations Manager
Administration Manager
Finance Manager
Immediate Past District Director
Patty Pick-Franke

Patty is a member of the White River Word Millers Club and G.O.A.T.  (Global Online Advanced Toastmasters)

Candace Williams

Candace is a valuable member of the team and has been admin manager previously.

Why Toastmasters?

I was initially motivated to join Toastmasters after realizing how it would help me fine tune my speaking skills as a trial attorney.

What are your hobbies and passions?

I love going to concerts and over the last 12 years have been to approximately 30.  I want to grow fully comfortable with myself as a speaker; I want my replacement to embrace change and technology.  The #1 thing I want to tell everyone is: “To Keep Going!”

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Position is OPEN
If you are interested in this role to earn your DTM or just practice your leadership skills, please contact Mark Walton, Club Growth Director
Jean Wolfe, DTM

After many years of referring people to Toastmasters, Jean decided to invest in herself.  One of her most cherished benefits to being a Toastmaster is the friendships throughout the district and the world, the most incredible people with hearts for helping others be their best.

Jean loves trips to the beach, especially Weko beach in Bridgman Michigan to relax and recharge.  Jean leaves a legacy of shifting our culture and creating a strong community.  She is passionate about the Let’s Give it a Try! to take risks, explore ideas and discover your own hidden gems of talent!

Division Directors

Division A

Christy Sheward, DTM

Division B

Dawn Thurber

Division C

Lou Begnel, DTM

Division D


Division E

Division F

Division G

Division H