District 11 Leadership: 2020-2021

District Director- Jean Wolfe, DTM

The flexibility to match my personal and professional goals to the many opportunities in Toastmasters sparked my interest. There is a seat at the table for you whether you are striving to overcome fears of public speaking, preparing for a profession that requires presentations, or seek to hone leadership skills. This is a place to do all of that and more – with a dynamic group of TRULY supportive fellow learners. Genuine encouragement, practical tips, honest and supportive feedback and meaningful relationships are what sets this organization apart for me. We learn by doing, and we do it together! 2020-2021: a year of fun & transformation!      

Scott Brown, DTM - Program Quality Director

Dave Parnin, DTM - Club Growth Director

Experience has shown me that Toastmasters epitomizes the axiom, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” My Toastmasters journey has taken me from D84 (Orlando), to D47 (Fort Lauderdale), back to D84, and now to D11 (Fort Wayne). There are people in witness protection who move around less than us! For the past seven years, I have tried to give more than I receive from each Toastmasters community I have immersed myself into. My quest as the Division B Director is to help Greater Fort Wayne develop a vibrant TM community, to help others go farther than they ever dreamed, and to finally unpack. Toast on!


I first joined Toastmasters all the way back in 1990. In 2003 I took a 10 year break while I was both working far from home and earning my MBA. I rejoined Toastmasters in 2012 when I changed to a job much closer to home. In this time I have earned a CC, CL, AC-B, AC-S, AC-G, another CC, and a DTM. I also took 3rd place at the district humorous speech contest in 2002. I now find myself in the position of being the Division B director for the second time (previous terms 2017-2019). Set you goals high but attainable, be proud of your accomplishments, be happy, and have fun.

PR Manager
Administration Manager
Finance Manager
Immediate Past District Director
Francisco Jose Palacio, PRM
Candace Williams, ACB, ALB
Patricia Rumschlag, DTM
Louis Begnel, IPDD

“I can’t get enough of Toastmasters!  I love meeting people and I”m a member of 15 clubs across the nation.”

“I love Toastmasters and as a law professional, contributing to keep us all on track!”

“I joined because someone suggested it might help me run more effective meetings. Oh boy, were they right! The leadership skills we are allowed to hone and the help we get on the way in Toastmasters is truly wonderful.”

“I am proud to serve as the Immediate Past District Director for this Toastmasters year and as the chair of the District Leadership Committee.”

Division and Area Leadership